Too Busy to Pray?

Too Busy to Pray?

You live in a very hectic world that places many responsibilities on you. Whether  an up-and-coming professional, a busy college student, a parent of a young family, or perhaps all three, it is very difficult for you to find time to fit God into our schedule. You know that God is important and you would certainly like to make time for him, but it is hard.

The irony of the situation is you know that you do have some down-time; perhaps while ¬†waiting for the kids, waiting for a plane, or commuting on the train or bus. Unfortunately, this down-time occurs when you don’t have ready access to any material that you can pray with, such as your bible or some spiritual reading.

Encounter has been designed to address just this need. Encounter is a self-contained iPhone application that includes the daily Gospel reading from the Lectionary together with a relevant directed meditation on that Gospel. But you can get these by subscribing to many meditation sites to receive a daily email. The problem is–as we all know–reading an email is not praying. What is different about Encounter, is that the Gospel and Meditation are situated within a structured prayer process that pulls you into the Gospel reading. Encounter’s five step process helps turn your Gospel-email-reading into a real encounter with Jesus Christ!

Check out the demonstration video to understand how this works.

Then download the application and start using some of that down-time for the prayer that is missing in your life!

God Bless!