Encounter Description

Encounter is an iPhone App. But it is more than that! It is a personal tool to help you engage methodically and daily in Christian meditative prayer.

It removes the two big obstacles to successfully developing the routine of a daily fruitful encounter with Jesus Christ by providing both the material and the process.  The material is the daily Gospel—the Word of God—at your fingertips. The process is an interactive structure that helps you engage dynamically in the relationship.

Encounter guides you through a series of steps that consist of preparation, reading and reflection on a daily Gospel passage, and concluding with a heart-to-heart conversation with Christ and an opportunity to respond concretely to your encounter. Along the way, prayer suggestions and a relevant meditation on the Gospel can be accessed to enrich your reflection and meditation. In addition, a journal is provided that allows you to capture Gospel or meditation text that particularly speaks to you, record your thoughts, write a spontaneous prayer…whatever the Holy Spirit inspires.

Check of a video demonstration of the application, then download the application to your iPhone!

The convenience of Encounter means that you will never again be “too busy to pray.”