Christian Meditation

The secret of how to get closer God is go directly to Jesus!

The essence of Christianity is a very simple—it is nothing more (and nothing less!) than a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how very radical this idea is. Why would an infinite, all-powerful God be interested in small, weak, and limited creatures like us? Well, because the Christian God is a personal being who is the personification of love.  He didn’t invent love, he is love. The Christian God is the God whose deepest desire is to befriend and love his creation. In order to do this, he “became flesh”—became like one of us, so that he could talk to us, teach us, and reveal himself to us in a way that invites us to enter into an interpersonal relationship with him.

Christian Meditation is a time-tested way to develop such a relationship. It differs from vocal prayers (pre-canned prayers that we recite) and liturgical prayers (the type we say at church together with the whole community) in that meditative prayer is intensely personal and operates at the “one-on-one level” with God.

Think about your other close personal relationships. Are they superficial? Not likely. They exist in and engage all of you — your intellect, your imagination, your emotions, your feelings, and your heart.  And just like with these relationships, developing a close relationship with God requires real, sincere effort.

So what am I saying?  Simply this:

  • Jesus is God’s answer to our deepest longings and questions…He is: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
  • Therefore, the fastest way to get closer to God is to develop a personal relationship with the God-Man, Jesus Christ.
  • Personal relationships take time and require work…the the payoff is enormous!

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